Power Zone is a solution for any organization looking to buy innovative technology and create their own private-labeled, feature-packed, Internet-based career site.

The Problem
So you want to create a general job board to compete against existing national, regional, or community based career sites but lack the time, financial resources, and human capital to build such a complex application. What you want to find is an existing technology that you can buy, private label, and implement very quickly to exploit an existing market opportunity.

The Solution
Power Zone is an Internet-based recruiting application that can be private labeled and deployed as a stand-alone, competitive career site. With a built-in payment system, intuitive Management Dashboards, Job and Resume Wizards and Retrievers, and an easy-to-use, customizable search engine, this application has it all.

  • Robust and feature-rich application built using state-of-the-art technology
  • The application can be private labeled, customized, and marketed as your own solution
  • Speed to market versus the alternative of building your own solution
  • Significantly less investment by you over the long term as the application is maintained and upgraded as the technology evolves
  • Minimal investment in IT resources conserves cash for marketing and other brand-building activities
Product Description
Power Zone is a complete recruiting solution that can be private labeled, customized, and marketed as your own solution. With all the features you desire in an Internet-based career site, this product is ideal for organizations looking for speed to market and lowest cost of ownership.

With Power Zone you can:
  • Create a national, regional, or community-based job board
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a built-in payment system
  • Choose the revenue model most appropriate for your site
  • Utilize a sophisticated and customizable search engine
  • Provide the Management Dashboard to job seekers and employers
  • Leverage PM Technologies' expertise in the field to design a competitive site
  • Utilize banner advertising to generate additional revenue
  • Analyze reporting, tracking, and usage statistics available from the Management Dashboard

Our Customers

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